Jeep Grand Cherokee Custom Bumpers

Jeep Grand Cherokee Custom Bumpers

Shown is a front and rear bumper build we did for a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Difficulties with building bumpers for Grand Cherokees include the fact that they have a uni-body construction. This means that there is basically no frame under the vehicle and therefore mounting brackets get complex. Sturdy brackets were designed and cut out of 1/4″ steel plate for the mounting of these bumpers. With the winch under load the bumper shows little movement in relation to the body. Construction is similar to the 4Runner bumper, 1/4″ core pieces, and 1/8″ exterior shell. Newer editions of the bumper include sunk in lights and brush guard bars as options.


Bumper follows body lines smoothly and the winch is integrated inside the bumper for a clean look. Clevis mounts are welded directly to the core of the bumper
















Rear bumper with integrated swingout. Rated for 1800lbs and has two latches for redundancy.

















  1. Josh Thurin says:

    I love these bumpers I would love to know how to get the and a price. Thanks a bunch

    • Samuel says:

      We are going to make a new batch of Cherokee bumpers soon. Shipping is available. Cost for a front bumper is $1180 and a rear is $940 w/o the tire carrier. Rear with tire carrier is $1190. Prices do not include shipping or tax. Powder-coating is available.

  2. Greg Aldrich says:

    I’m interested in purchasing front and rear bumpers for a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The front bumper with bush guard, and the rear with tire carrier. The ones shown in the pictures look far superior to any ARB, Warn, or other manufacturers.

    Greg Aldrich

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